Monday, June 18, 2012

The Making of Beret / Tam Style Hat H30 ...

The Gilboa Beret is technically not a beret. It is made up of 10 individually shaped pieces (i.e. each piece is of a different shape), where as a beret is made of just one piece and is usually felt or wool.

Below a summary of the processes involved in the making of H30:

First of all the design is sketched onto transparency paper. Once happy with the design, it is then prepared for transfer onto the main fabric (the reverse side).

Here you can see the transferred pin-tuck design on the reverse side of the fabric. To be able to stich the pin-tucks, the transfer lines each have to be 'basted' so that the design can be seen on the right side of the fabric. (the basted design can be seen in the first picture)

One by one, each segment is pin-tucked and eventually sewn together.

Next the lining has be to made (also consisting of 10 segments). Before joining the lining and main fabric together, a decision has to be made as to the type of decoration.

In this case, vintage mother of pearl buttons are sewn on before completing the lining and lastly, feathers are added.

And this is the Gilboa Beret / Tam style hat H30 finished.

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