Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gilboa Flat Cap H38 - The making of

A brief summary of the steps involved during the making of flat cap H38, shown in the snapshots below.

The pin-tuck pattern is sketched in pencil on transparency paper.

Once satisfied with the sketch, it is then finalised in ink and mirrored. 
Now the pattern is ready to be transferred onto left side of the fabric. 

 The transferred pattern is now visible on the left side of the fabric. However, to be able to pin-tuck the pattern, it has to be visible on the right side; the entire pattern now needs to be 'basted' by hand.

 Now the pattern is visible on the right side of the fabric. 
The marking thread can later be removed without leaving any marks.

 Pin tuck pattern partly stitched.

 The threads need to be cleaned up on the reverse side so they do not come loose later.

 The pin-tuck pattern finished and ready to be cut.

 The cap is taking on shape.

The lining, made out of vintage kimono silk.

Gilboa flat cap H38 - completed.

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