Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Introducing a new range: The Gilboa Deerstalker - The making of H66

 The deerstalker is a fun and versatile hat, no matter what time of the year it is!

Using heavier fabric and padding, it will keep you snug and warm during the cold season. Visors at the front and back will protect you from rain and snow and if the elements are really putting up a fight, the flaps can be tied down so your ears are protected, too.

But the deerstalker is not only for winter; if made with light fabrics, it is fantastic for summer, protecting your face and neck from the sun.

For this particular deerstalker (H66), a jet black corduroy with an elegant sheen was used. The contrasting fabric - used on the underside of the visor and flaps - is a beautiful screen print depicting various animals such as deers, horses and foxes.

The individual pieces have been cut and thermal padding has been added. One by one they are joined together.

 The hat is taking on shape.

 Deciding which lining to use: liberty tana lawn or vintage kimono silk

 The decision fell on the silk, it will add some extra warmth. The lining is made in the same manner as the main hat and is ready to be inserted.

 The lining is inserted but before stitching, it has to be basted into place by hand.

Almost finished ....

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