Monday, September 2, 2013

The Making of Wide Cut Flat Cap H60

Wide Cut Flat-cap H60

Cap no 2 of a small, limited collection.

Cap no 1 (Narrow cut flat Cap H53)one has been sold.
Although part of a limited collection, each hat within a collection is still a one-off piece as each hat varies in design and materials used. The only common part is the main fabric.

Main fabric: a medium weight pure linen fabric with a vibrant, oriental-style dragons in orange, yellow and red on an olive green background. 

The individual pieces for the cap are cut in a manner so as to fully display the beautifully shaped dragon.

Now the contours of the dragon are traced with individual pin-tucks. A slow process as the pin-tucks have to be fastened on the reverse side so as not to come undone later.

The dragon is beginning to come 'alive'.

The pin-tucks are complete, now the task of cutting out the final shape and joining it all together.

The cap is taking on shape.

Preparing the lining: a equally vibrant, vintage kimono silk piece.

Almost there ...

Choosing the feathers for the back. 
Here the choice fell on peacock and golden pheasant feathers.

Finished Flat-cap H60

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